The relaxed approach

Well, I made it to the end of my 21-day Artist Residency in Motherhood – and I’ve decided to extend the residency for another 21 days. Yes! The process has been so good for me. Such a simple thing – write a page (or more) a day, mark that day on the Excel spreadsheet, and then let it all go until the next day. Three weeks ago, I had my usual rigid plan of waking up before dawn and knocking off the page first thing, but by the end I was fitting in the page whenever I could … and that was absolutely fine. The pre-dawn routine has its place, especially when deadlines or due or when I’m deeply moored in a writing project … I’ve done that a lot in my life with good results. But for now, this relaxed approach feels good for my creative soul and I’m sticking with it. 

Baby number four, Dangars Falls, 2005