Lullaby & Lament: a song cycle


‘Lullaby & Lament – A Song Cycle’ is the result of my first collaboration with composer Christopher Purcell. Rather than following the traditional path of song cycles about myths, classical tragedies and unrequited love, the songs from ‘Lullaby & Lament’ cover topics such as grief, loneliness, divorce, estrangement and death, as well as love and happiness – universal themes written in words and music that go straight to the heart. The songs have the power to remind us that we are essentially the same – we all want love and healthy relationships with family and friends; we all face heartbreak, pain, loneliness and death.The songs from ‘Lullaby & Lament’ are dramatic and emotional, and offer strong material to a recording artist who is looking for something original and different.

Below are three demo recordings of songs form the cycle. The vocalist is Ruth Strutt, a mezzo soprano currently with Opera Australia, and she is accompanied on guitar by Christopher Purcell.

Mother Is Watching

A Daughter’s Dream

Love Birds


Vocalist: Ruth Strutt
Guitar: Christopher Purcell