Okay, here we go – Chris Purcell and I have recorded, mixed and mastered our first song on the Tascam DP-03SD and we’re feeling mighty happy with ourselves. The song is called ‘The Time of the Horses’ – and this first horse out of the gate just happens to be our most recently written song. Generally, how it works with us is that I write the lyrics and Chris sets them to music. The lyrics are always first, and then the music. Even though Chris and I have written songs on our own, we both really enjoy the collaborative nature of our musical partnership. We’re keen to work with other songwriters and recording artists from the New England area and further afield, and we’ll soon begin inviting guest vocalists and musicians into song-room central. I’m feeling excited that we can finally record our eclectic collection of songs, which fall into genres of country, folk, pop and jazz. Owning a machine like the Tascam DP-03SD is very empowering. Thanks again Arts North West – and thanks to Jennifer Greaney for being such a wonderful support for this Arts North West Micro Grant project!


A few weeks ago, I successfully applied for an Arts North West Micro Grant for $600. I’ve used this money to buy a portable recording unit so that Chris Purcell – my musical collaborator – and I can make some quality digital ‘demo’ recordings at home to share with our local community and further afield. Over the last five years, Chris and I have written 27 songs together, and we’re keen to launch these songs into the world. At the moment, neither of us have the resources to record a professional CD, so the Tascam DP-03SD is the next best thing. The unit arrived a week ago, and Chris and I have met three times already in ‘song-room central’ at Chris’ house. It’s been very exciting to experiment with different ways of recording voice and guitar to achieve the best results. A huge learning process for me, but thankfully Chris has some experience with sound engineering. In the company of our adoring fans – Chris’s dogs Ruby and McGregor – we’ve recorded two songs, and mixed and mastered one song. Chris has also bought an Epiphone steel string acoustic guitar from Black Dot Music in Armidale to use as our primary recording guitar. It’s all going extremely well, and we’re hoping to complete and post our first song next week. Thank you, Arts North West, for this wonderful opportunity!